The Anxiety Treatment Center of Nevada


Our Primary Clinical Focus

Since our inception, we have been committed to providing the best possible anxiety treatment whenever possible to the citizens of the Reno/Tahoe area.  

Further, we have continually identified a lack of well trained, competent referral sources for stress and anxiety disorders, which happen to be the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric condition nationally.  The great news we discovered in our research: Anxiety disorders are also among the most treatable!


In late 2017, our agency is officially rebranded and changing our primary (though definitely not only) focus toward the treatment of stress and anxiety disorders as The Anxiety Treatment Center of Nevada.  Our full intention is to be a "one stop shop" for those who struggle with stress and anxiety every day, with the hope of making our community stronger, one success story at a time!  

Reno Nevada Anxiety

Our Education And Training Plan

We mean business when it comes to creating a "one stop shop" for those who suffer from stress and anxiety disorders.  

In fact, in October 2017, our agency contracted with The Beck Institute to have  Dr. Amy Wenzel, PhD fly to Reno and exclusively train all of our core clinical staff in the use of CBT.  In fall 2019, we had our staff trained further by The Beck Institute in CPT and Prolonged Exposure for PTSD and trauma.  No other outpatient agency in our region has committed the time, energy and financial resources behind a training of this magnitude!

Why Beck, one may ask?  The short answer is that Aaron T. Beck, MD, is the founder of Cognitive Therapy, the basis of CBT, which is well regarded as the most effective, and most sustainable treatment model for stress and anxiety disorders.  Period.

CBT Anxiety Nevada

Anxiety Specific Treatment

The Anxiety Treatment Center of Nevada offers the following service lines:

  • Individual, couples, and family therapy with a focus on CBT
  • CBT Anxiety Group
    • Focuses on symptoms of Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety/ Phobia, OCD and more
    • 10 week curriculum that is didactic and focuses on solidifying understanding of the CBT model
  • Mindfulness based services, including workshops related to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (under development currently)

To learn more about The Anxiety Treatment Center of Nevada, please visit our site at today!